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Empowering our customers

If you have made a phone call in South Africa in the past twenty years, chances are you have benefited from our voice monitoring technology products.

Our voice solutions are part of many products that eComNet has rolled out to enable significant companies in South Africa and elsewhere. As we enter a new era of AI, blockchain and the Internet of Things, eComNet is again standing by to usher in this world of opportunities and challenges.

Launched in 2004, the same year that Facebook went online and a year after South African mobile users made their first video calls, eComNet is a millennial company that has supported major corporate projects in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

Our client list includes blue-chip giants, service providers, banks, and corporates. eComNet has also serviced clients in several countries across Africa and the Middle East, putting them at the frontline of green shoot growth and development in these exciting emerging markets.

Our unique, highly specialised product offering includes a 360-degree bouquet of comprehensive services that provide clients with a one-stop-shop, including design, installation and maintenance. In addition, we collaborate closely with clients to develop a proof of concept, ensuring seamless product integration.

Part of eComNet’s unique selling point is its global network of cutting-edge technological product manufacturers. As the demand for new technological services has evolved, eComNet has upped its game and will continue to do so. We are constantly monitoring innovation worldwide to ensure that our clients stay on top of the latest trends and the highest level of quality.

eComNet Leadership

Deon Wentzel

Managing Director and Founder

Deon Wentzel, MD of technology solutions provider eComNet, is a seasoned African entrepreneur, born in Zambia and raised in Botswana but found his permanent home in South Africa. His company has gained a stellar reputation for its business-enhancing services to leading corporates.

With a client list comprising top corporate clients in South Africa and internationally, he attributes his longevity in the industry to the relationships he cultivated from the start of his career and maintains to this day.

From the start, clients have come to rely on his strong work ethic, knowing they can count on him and his team for quality services at any time of day or night. Coming from a close-knit family of entrepreneurs, Deon believes his background has played a massive role in his journey in business.

As a youngster, he discovered the key elements of being a successful entrepreneur by observing his parents. His father and mother’s entrepreneurial drive taught him the importance of cultivating relationships with his surrounding community. As a result, he gained a pioneering, innovative spirit that still informs eComNet’s culture.

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